Concrete Repairs, Gardner Kansas

Concrete repairs are a process of fixing old, cracked, chipped, or deteriorated concrete floor and making it good as new. Our services include polishing concrete, epoxy coatings, microthin overlays, and stone restoration, which all can be included in your concrete repair. We specialize in many foundations and always proudly serve our customers in time of need. Our repairs are done professionally in commercial or residential areas to make sure your property looks clean and new. Call us today at 913-856-5501 to get more details on what types of concrete repairs we offer.

The Concrete Floor Repair Process: What to Expect

If you're planning to have your floors repaired, you may be wondering what does the process look like exactly. Here's a brief overview of the service:

  1. Assessment: Our first step is to assess any existing damage and determine the cause. This involves inspecting the concrete surface, identifying any cracks, pop-ups, or chips, and checking for underlying issues such as soil settlement or moisture problems.
  2. Preparation: The damaged area needs to be cleaned and prepared before we can start repairing. This usually involves removing any loose concrete, cleaning the concrete, and ensuring that the repair area is free of dirt and contaminants.
  3. Repair: There are different methods for repairing concrete, depending on the extent and nature of the damage. For minor damage such as surface cracks, a simple rapid set repair mortar may be sufficient. For more serious damage such as deep cracks or structural issues, a more extensive repair method such as injection grouting or overlay may be the solution.
  4. Finishing: Once we finish repairing, the surface needs to be finished to make sure it matches the surrounding concrete. This may involve smoothing or texturing the surface, or applying a sealer or coating.
  5. Maintenance: After the process of repairing is finished, it's important to maintain the concrete to prevent further damage and ensure it lasts overtime. This may involve regular cleaning, sealing, and other maintenance tasks.

Overall, the concrete repair process can vary depending on the specific situation and extent of the damage. However, by working with a professional concrete repair company like Admire Concrete & Stone Solutions, LLC, you can be rest assured that the repairs are done correctly and timely, restoring the strength and visual appeal of your concrete surface. You can be sure to call us at 913-856-5501 and schedule a visit whether you are commercial or residential, we work with all of Gardner KS and Kansas City Area.

Receive the quality concrete service you need

While concrete is often the best choice for a durable surface, it also doesn’t remain strong forever. Factors, such as weather elements, can damage it over time. Don’t stress over the damages. Let the professionals handle the damage. Contact Admire Concrete & Stone Solution to get quality service at competitive prices.

We handle all the tasks at hand

  • Repairs and restoration
  • Interior and exterior concrete repairs
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Concrete paving
  • Terrazzo restoration
  • And much more!

Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Repairs, Gardner Kansas

When it comes to your business or home, it's common for people to have questions about the process, cost, and effectiveness. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers:

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What can cause concrete to be damaged?

Concrete can be damaged by a various range of factors, including weather, intense foot or vehicle traffic, corrosion of reinforcing steel, and poor installation.

What are the signs that concrete needs repair?

Chips, pop-outs, cracks, spalling (flaking or pitting of the surface), concrete lifting, and unevenness are all signs that your resurfacing floor may need a concrete specialist like us.

Can concrete repairs be done in cold weather?

Yes, concrete repairs can be done in cold weather, but our team at Admire Concrete & Stone Solutions, LLC take special precautions to make sure that the repairs are effective and lasting for years to come.

How long do concrete repairs typically take?

The time it takes to repair concrete depends on the extent of the damage and the concrete options we provide. Small repairs may only take a few hours, while larger repairs could take several days. You can be rest assured our expert team will get the job done right and timely.

Can concrete repairs be DIY projects?

We recommend always coming to us, with our expertise not only will you save yourself the headache, but also the cost. We use state-of-the-art equipment which will ensure your driveway, sidewalk, basement, or any other concrete surface will be looking like new.

Will concrete repairs be noticeable?

With our proper techniques and materials, concrete repairs will be made to blend as seamlessly as possible to minimize repair transitions.


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