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Control joint fillers are commonly used when the need to keep dirt and debris from being trapped in the open control joint. Our plan as concrete specialists is to fill these control joints with highly durable two part semi rigid polyurea. A durable material to not only last longer, but be resistant to wear and tear overtime. Our team at Admire Concrete & Stone Solutions, LLC is a family owned and operated concrete service providing trusted expertise to help you pick out the right plan for long-lasting quality floor products to help have a easy to maintain concrete flooring. Restaurants usually benefit from services such as these in order to maintain the standard health codes. Contact the experts today at 913-856-5501.

 Benefits of Using Control Joint Fillers Concrete Products

Control joint fillers are an essential component of any concrete construction home or industrial project. We've used it to fill the gaps in floor joints, which are purposeful breaks in the concrete to allow for expansion and contraction. Here are some benefits of using control joint fillers:

  1. Protects The Surface: Control joint fillers prevents sidewall damage from forklift traffic. It alleviates debris from entering the control joints. We serve you to help minimize maintenance costs over time and ensure that the concrete remains structurally seamless for many years.
  1. Upgrades appearance: Control joint fillers can upgrade the appearance of your concrete surface whether commercial, industrial, or residential by providing a smooth finish that is free from cracks and other defects. 
  2. Easy to install: Our team of experts are trained to install the joint fillers with ease. You will have the job done in a timely manner.
  3. Affordable: We have a cost-effective solution for preventing surface defects in concrete. Once fillers have been placed into control joints, among others, it creates a longer lasting cleaner look.

In general, control joint fillers are an essential component of any warehouse or business. By up keeping your floors, you will be extending the life of the concrete, upgrading appearance. Fillers are a smart investment for any project. Be smart when choosing a company, you can be sure that we have expert workmanship you can count on.

How to Choose the Right Control Joint Filler for Your Home Project, Gardner Kansas

Choosing the right control joint material is essential for ensuring the success of your concrete construction project. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting a control joint filler:

  1. Type of joint: The type of joint you need to fill will determine the type of control joint material you should use. There are many different types of joints, including saw-cut control joints, cold joints and expansion joints which may require each a different type of filler.
  2. Expansion: The amount of expansion that the joint will experience is another factor to consider. Some control joint fillers are made to be more flexible than others, which may be necessary for joints that will experience movement.
  3. Climate: When filling in cracks temperature is important to think about. For example, in colder temperatures, freeze-thaw cycles may require a more durable and flexible control joint sealant to prevent damage.
  4. Appearance: The display of the control joint filler can also be taken into consideration, especially for decorative and polished concrete projects. 
  5. Application: The time and easy of application are taken into consideration as well. Our expansion joint sealants use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques for application, you can trust the service will be done quickly and properly.

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