Restoration of Historical Terrazzo, Gardner Kansas

Historical Terrazzo Restoration is the service of renewing old and historic portland or epoxy based terrazzo. Terrazzo was a popular flooring back in the 20th century which consists of granite, marble, or glass chips. As the years go by, Terrazzo can be heavily worn out due to foot traffic. At Admire Concrete & Stone Solutions, LLC we strive to restore your flooring to a fresher, stylish look. We first gently remove any existing coatings, then clean the surface from any dirt or debris, repair any existing damage, and using a sealant to reseal the terrazzo back to new. In order to do such a process, our team had been carefully trained in order to handle any situation involving your terrazzo floors. We are professionals and work anywhere from residential to commercial to industrial. Renewing Historical Terrazzo is important to us, in order to preserve such wonderful history for many generations to come. Our biggest project included a 120 year old building which was carefully renewed and looks better than ever. We can help you make your home look like new, contact us today at 913-856-5501 to schedule your restoration.

Benefits of Historical Terrazzo Concrete Restoration

Historical terrazzo restoration is not just a way to improve the visual appeal of your floors; it also offers numerous benefits that can make a big difference in your space. Here are some of the top benefits of restoring your historical terrazzo floors:

Restores the Original State of the Floor

Historical terrazzo floors are often amazing works of art that have been damaged by years of wear and tear. With our quality restoration, you can bring back the original state of the floor and showcase the beautiful designs and patterns. A restored floor can give your space new life and an elegant touch that can make a big impact on visitors.

Increased Property Value

A restored historical terrazzo floor can significantly increase the value of your property. Potential buyers or renters will take notice of the originality of the flooring and be amazed that it had been restored to the beauty it was before. This can help your property stand out in this competitive market and can increase its selling or renting price.

Saves You Money

Restoring a historical terrazzo floor can save you money over time. Instead of having to replace all of the flooring completely, which can be a costly and quite timely, high-quality restoration can bring it back to life. You can also save money on cleaning and maintenance in the future as refinished floors are much easier to clean.

Preserves History

20th Century terrazzo floors are not just works of art, they are also a part of a beautiful history. Restoring them can help to preserve this history for generations to come. A newly restored floor can become a talking point and add character to your place. Our expertise will make this project a beautiful sight to see. 


Restoring this historical terrazzo is an eco-friendly choice. Instead of removing and disposing of the old flooring, restoration allows you to reuse what is already there. It also decreases the need for new materials and reduces the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing and transportation.

In conclusion, restoring a historical terrazzo floor is an excellent investment that offers many benefits. It restores the original state of the floor, increases property value, saves you money, preserves history, and is eco-friendly.

If you have a historical terrazzo floor that needs restoring, Admire Concrete & Stone Solutions, LLC is right at your finger tips, contact us at 913-856-5501 for a quote on your concrete.

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