Maintenance Contracts Gardner KS

At Admire Concrete & Stone Solutions, LLC, we offer concrete and natural stone maintenance services that are beneficial for various commercial uses, including warehouses and office building structures. Our concrete maintenance services focus on keeping the floors in top shape. We provide services like maintaining specular gloss, which means we help keep the shiny appearance of your floors intact.

We provide concrete and natural stone cleaning services as part of our maintenance contracts to ensure your floors look their best. Moreover, we strive to maintain your flooring to prevent slips and minimize liability risks. It's important to note that we are licensed and insured and strive to deliver complete peace of mind when it comes to your flooring quality and safety.

Count On Our Experienced Staff for Your Concrete Maintenance.

concrete maintenance

Admire Concrete and Stone Solutions is a family-owned and operated company in Gardner, Kansas, serving the community since 2007. With over 40 years of combined experience, we are known for our great reputation and high-quality services. 

Our dedicated team uses top-notch equipment and materials to ensure exceptional results for your flooring maintenance.

We value building strong relationships with our clients and provide personalized attention to every project, big or small. Trust us to deliver the best workmanship and customer satisfaction. Choose Admire Concrete & Stone Solutions for reliable and outstanding service.

Call Admire Concrete & Stone Solutions in Gardner for your commercial concrete solutions at (913) 856-5501 today!

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